We Don’t Accept Refugees. But You’d Better Cater To Our Every Need And Whim When We Come Over

The other country I unfortunately have blood ties with is essentially Hungary’s twin in everything but location and language. I do not mention its name, because I want to be associated with it as little as possible. And I don’t want to be known “out there” as someone belonging to that country, or having any ties with it. 

Like Hungary, this country “suffered” from socialism. I say “suffer” because on top of all its other faults this country embodies narcissism like no other, up to and including the blame game, turning viciously against you, and – when all else fails – playing the victim with panache. I’m not saying communism was a picnic. But you weren’t the only ones who had it rough. Case in point, to hear these people tell it, there were no Jews murdered, tortured, or displaced during WWII, but boy did this country suffer during the war (never mind that they were selling Jews down the river every chance they got for a pair of pantyhose). 

Patriotism is everything to these people. When a few years ago a famous pedophile was caught abroad, and the whole case, which had caused the “poor guy” to initially flee America, flared up all over again, everyone from that country (or so it seemed) rallied behind him; forgetting that he was Jewish (never mind that he’s most likely atheist – I hate that worthless scum bag too much to look into it. There is no excuse for having a 13-year-old you’ve plied with alcohol and drugs in your jacuzzi, hot tub, or any other place that requires at least a bathing suit when you’re a grown man or woman. And that goes for the other jerk who was there, too. No matter how great an actor he’s supposed to be). To be fair, Hollywood rallied behind that bastard, too, but the country in question hates Jews so much that someone can be from there born and bred, for generations back, and that person will still be known as The Jew, or in the better case, a Jew. But this one was famous, so he got their support. 

I can count on one hand the decent people I’ve encountered from that country, and without drawing this out, I can tell you there are three: my cousin, his girlfriend, and a German teacher (the irony) I had in seventh and eighth grade. And my grandfather, but he’s been dead for the past twenty years, and he was mixed. The country being what it is, no one knows, but I’m guessing Jewish-Lithuanian, and possibly even Swedish (slightly doubtful, but one can hope). 

It is an extremely proud country. Nothing wrong with that. A very good friend of mine here is extremely proud to be Hungarian, but not in an exclusive way. Rather, she will teach her children the legends and tales of our nation, and ensure that they are able to speak a beautiful Hungarian. They are still allowed to use slang, as long as they’re aware of what proper language sounds like. And all this comes naturally, the kids aren’t forced into some weird mantra of Hungary Over Everything. They should just know about their roots and take healthy pride in them. 

Not so the country I hate. There Patriotism is everything. And patriotism would be nothing if it wasn’t tied to religion. Catholicism runs deep, through every vein and every fiber. Attendance at church on Sunday compulsory, otherwise you’re going to Hell. Again, I have friends who are deeply religious, and my grandfather was as well, but it comes from the heart. It’s not for show. 

Because, while people in this country are running to church every Sunday (always in their best clothes to show everyone what good Christians they are, and not to give glory to God), during the week they busy themselves holding the doors to their country firmly closed. We do not need refugees, is the mantra. We can’t afford to take them in. And they do everything in their power to keep it like that, forgetting that during socialism they were fleeing the country in droves. Not to mention, when the borders opened on May 1, 2004, half the country was on a plane (ok, several planes) by the stroke of midnight. Plastic bags packed for a richer life. Not because they were escaping danger, just because they wanted to make money abroad. 

I have nothing against movement. Clearly, with my lifestyle I’m the first to tell anyone, “go! See the world. Move abroad.” But accord others the same courtesy you’re expecting from them. Don’t complain how “things were so much better back home,” while mooching off your host country. Half of Britain is in France, while half of France is in Britain, and while we keep taking the mickey out of each other for this and other things, we really do find it amusing and bear each other’s company. As opposed to this country, which wants everything for itself without having to give anything in return. So here’s my message, just for this oh-so-special Jesus somehow gave them, even though technically Jesus is from the Middle East, and they hate everyone from there. 

You really need to learn about balance and fairness. It’s not ok to send people out in droves, expecting to get the royal treatment abroad, but then close the doors on the very same people who are in a far worse position than you’ve ever been. And who are from the same region as the man whom you (claim to) worship over all. Wanting a better situation (as your people did) is not the same as being persecuted. You can’t preach one thing and demand another for yourself. Those dark(er)-skinned people you hate display the same religious fervor you all do, y’all just use a different name for it. This is why I will never ever claim you in any way, shape, or form and deny any affiliation I was cursed with. And why I will fight it tooth and nail until I’m lowered six feet into the cold, dark ground. 



  1. Wow, this country you’re talking about sounds terrible! I wish I knew its name in order to avoid any trip there! It reminded me a bit of Germany because of the narcissism and feeling better than other countries. I’ve encountered that even very nice and welcoming people do that in Deutschland.

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    • Absolutely. Americans, the French, and Hungarians do it too (just listing the ones I identify as). But with Germans it’s worse for me. With the others I just shrug it off as “you’re an idiot.” With Germans all these deep-seated issues come up. I can pm you the country.


  2. Hey! I can relate with this for I equally hate the country I am currently in and hope when I am out, I would have nothing to do with, except Mom and few friends. Isn’t it dangerous for a country to be so jingoistic which doubles as extreme patriotism? It’s a major fuck-up with people. It’s similar to the islander mentality here. They don’t want people to come but yes, they want to go abroad and get same facilities as the locals. Wait for my post, may be not now but in the near future. You nailed it. Superb.

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